We have arrived.

We need a space of our own to gather ourselves, unpack the hurt and reclaim self.
— Dr. Vernette Hudson-McKnight

There is power in togetherness.

The Black Healers Collective.

A safe and open ‘space’ for people of color to connect, heal and thrive - naturally. The collective has two pillars: Healers Experience + Professional Networking.

The first pillar of the Black Healers Collective is focuses on healing of the healers. Healers are empaths that provide and hold space for their clients to do the work to heal from trauma. But what about the healer - who holds space for the healer? We need that same safe, healing space too. So, the first pillar will provide opportunities for healers to attend intimate gatherings specific to retreat, recharge, and reconnect with self, as a practitioner. This is the Healers Experience.

The second pillar will provide a business directory for natural healers to network with other trusted professionals of color that specialize in the art of natural healing. Professional members will have access to other like-minded natural healers where they can collaborate with each-other to host events and gatherings, co-manage clients or even refer out clients to other trusted members within the collective. After all, there is power in togetherness.

Practitioner Membership Application is required for consideration.

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